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Holiday opening hours of supermarkets in Reykjavik and around Iceland

Reykjavik Supermarkets – Opening Hours for Christmas and New Year Time

The supermarkets in Reykjavík and around Iceland are open longer than usual leading up to Christmas and have different opening hours during the upcoming holiday season. We already covered the holiday opening hours of museums and restaurants but below we highlight the service times of the grocery stores. Be prepared ahead of time for Christmas Day, because most grocery stores will be closed.


Bónus is the biggest supermarket chain in Iceland and the most budget friendly. Most Bónus shops are open from 10-21 from 21 to 23 December but eight stores are open even longer or until 11 in the evening. These are the stores in Skeifan, Spöng (Grafarvogur suburb), Smáratorg (Kópavogur), Kauptún (Garðabær by IKEA), Norðurtorg, Fitjar (Reykjanesbær in the Keflavik Airport area), Selfoss, Helluhraun (in Hafnarfjörður). On Christmas Eve, Bónus stores are open from 10-14 but they will be closed on Christmas Day and 26 December. On 30 December, Bónus will be open from 10 to 20 (the eight aforementioned stores are open until 22) and on 31 December from 10 to 16.


Krónan is the second most budget friendly and generally has a better variety of products than Bónus. From 20 to 23 December, Krónan in Grandi (one of the biggest grocery stores) close to downtown is open from 9 to 22. On 24 December it opens at 9 and closes at 15. It will be closed on 25 and 26 December. On 30 December it will open at 9 and close at 22 and on 31 December it’s open from 9 to 16. On 1 January, it will be closed. Krónan in Hallveigarstígur downtown Reykjavík has the same opening as in Grandi, except that it will be open on 26 December from 10 to 19. You can find the opening hours for other stores on the Krónan website here.


Nettó stores generally have longer opening hours and on 23 December, the store in Grandi is open 24/7 as usual, but on 24 December it closes at 14:00. It will be closed on 25 December but opens at 10 AM on 26 December. On 31 December, it closes at 15:00 and will remain closed throughout New Years Day. You can find the holiday opening hours for the rest of the Nettó stores here.


Hagkaup has more variety than other grocery stores and emphasizes quality and freshness, e.g. in the fruits and vegetables section. On 23 December, Hagkaup stores are open until 23 (Smáralind mall in Kópavogur and Kringlan mall) while the stores in Skeifan, Garðabær, Akureyri, Eiðistorg and Spöngin are open till midnight. On 24 December, Smáralind and Kringlan stores are open from 9 to 14 while Skeifan, Garðabær, Akureyri, Eiðistorg and Spöngin will be open two hours longer. All Hagkaup stores are closed on Christmas Day. The rest of the holiday hours can be seen here.

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