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Secret Solstice 2015 Staff Picks


This is the second time that the Secret Solstice Festival takes place so it’s time for some Secret Solstice 2015 Staff Picks. Its location is Reykjavík, Iceland, where the summers go by with short nights and where people like to party. It takes place during the summer solstice when the sun reaches its highest position in the sky. Why the solstice festival is a secret is a mystery to me though, actually it seems rather well advertised.

I‘m looking forward to it since the line up is full of interesting artists; international as well as Icelandic. The Icelandic music market is constantly becoming more and more interesting, with ever more good up-and-coming artists.

Here I’ll mention some of the acts that I personally am looking the most forward to.

FM Belfast

If you haven‘t seen this group play life, you just MUST. It‘s the type of music that almost everyone likes, and if you don‘t, you can still enjoy the show. They like to use balloons, confetti and colourful clothes in their performances, or even send one of the band members rolling out to the audience in a large plastic hamsterball. It’s an Icelandic electro-pop group, with a jolly, happy vibe.

FM Belfast: Brighter days


German electronic music DJ, mostly known for his remix of the song One day/Reckoning song by Asaf  Avida & The Mojos. I listened to that song a thousand times in 2012, and after checking out more of his work, I can safely say that he is more than this one hit remix. This guy is rather new in the business so it’s interesting to know if he will be a rising star or a fallen one.

Wankelmut & emma louise: My head is a jungle

Miss Kittin

She’s not very well known in Iceland. A french electronic DJ, singer and a songwriter, I became familiar with her when I was living in France, she is a big hit there, as well as in Italy. She was also performing in Sónar Festival Barcelona 2006. This is the kind of music that you have to listen to in good quality sound system, and is even better when heard live.

Miss Kittin-Bassline


One of my favourite Icelandic bands. Their music is hard to describe. It’s sort of a mix between deep house and electronic music with vocals. You can get completely lost in the sound. It also doesn’t hurt that Högni, one of the singers has a good viking look; with long blond hair.

GusGus – Over


,,Daughters of Reykjavík” is a rather new rap group of 20 female rappers. The main topic is Icelandic corruption, sexual violence, environmental damage along with other important subjects considering our society. They are like a fresh wind to Icelandic music market.

Reykjavíkurdætur – Fiesta

This is just few of the artists who will be performing. The list is long so it’s difficult to choose only few! After the concerts, there will be a rave in the old ice skating venue, and also some options to buy tickets to a rave inside a glacier, a boat party or a party at the Secret lagoon. (more secrets, really?!).

Let‘s party until the sun comes up (just kidding, as the sun will not go down).

For more information, check out our Secret Solstice page, and for further information and tickets visit their official page.

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