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Secret Solstice 2017 – Thursday

Finally, it’s this time of year again! The Secret Solstice Festival is now being held for the 4th time. Every year the venues are organized in a different way, which means that they’re always improving. Last year, they had problems with long queues for concerts and tickets but it seems like they have solved that and I’m positive that they will master the festival this year.

The Secret Solstice Festival takes place over 4 days and for the first night, I headed to the festival site with a group of friends. As it was the first evening, the atmosphere was relaxed, people were warming up for the coming days and checking out the place. Not all the venues were open, which made it very cozy. There were plenty of food courts and me and my friends engaged in desperate hunt for an elusive taco court which was nowhere to be found, so we ended up at a random place – with tacos! Imagine my surprise when they handed me the vegetable taco – in a paper cup. I have no idea what I ate, and I ended up having Reykjavík Chips, which never fail.

Photo by Birta Rán via Secret Solstice on Facebook

Two stages were open: Hel (inside) and Valhalla (the biggest outdoor stage). I didn’t go inside although the music there tempted me. The weather was just too good! The music at Valhalla stage didn’t really reach to the crowd (I started out seeing the Icelandic band Stuðmenn), but people seemed to be happy to mingle and chat. Chaka Khan was the closing act. I know that many were there this evening only to see her. Fabulous woman and a flawless performance, just a little ill-suited for the lively festival crowd, many of whom were born several years later than Chaka’s heyday.

Photo by Ásgeir Helgi via Secret Solstice on Facebook

Here are some things that are useful to know for Secret Solstice Festival:

  1. Although it’s summer and summer solstice is all about the midnight sun, it can be quite chilly in the night. Bring warm clothes or wear layers. Nobody wants to go home because of the cold. Unless you are the type to drink a lot beer to warm up.
  2. Show up early in the day, even just for one hour. Take a blanket, buy coffee and ice-cream and relax with friends and family to some good tunes!
  3. Food! There is food. And the prices are strangely low for Iceland. Try a taco in a paper-cup. Live a little.
  4. Don’t think too much abot following the “rules” of fashion bloggers on how to dress and how to do your make up—90% of the people look exactly the same during those festivals. It’s much more fun to wear something different!
  5. Don’t let the weather stop you. If it’s raining, bring out your rain coat and rubber boots and dance!
Photo by Birta Rán via Secret Solstice on Facebook

On the end of this great Thursday evening I walked home, with the birds singing in the trees and Chaka Khan singing “I’m every woman” in the distance. This will be a great weekend!

See you all there!

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