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Secret Solstice – Day 2

As a first timer at the Secret Solstice, I had a lot of fun, and it was a great way to try to forget the fact that the Icelandic football team just lost against Nigeria in the World Cup! Despite the heart-breaking defeat, many chose to show their pride in the national team by wearing the Icelandic football jersey to the festival!


What I was most excited to see was the Icelandic singer Valdimar, and he most certainly lived to my expectations! His voice never disappoints and though there were not many people watching him perform, he did an excellent job!


Manchester-born IAMDDB certainly managed to keep the crowd energetic while performing on main stage, Valhöll! People were dancing all over and having a great time. As she was on the main stage, there were more people there than at Gimli where Valdimar performed.

Up next on the main stage was Goldlink, keeping the young crowd excited and energetic before Gucci Mane closed the show on the main stage. Gucci was a little late to the stage so by the time he arrived, the crowd was going crazy, with the help of his hypeman getting them revved up. Launching straight into some of his hits, they certainly got what they came for.


Silent Disco

Yes, you did just read silent disco and yes it is as fun as it sounds. I went with my boyfriend who did not enter the silent disco tent with much enthusiasm, but we both had a great time and walked out of the tent in a better mood than when we walked in.
How it works: you put on headphones and you dance. With no actual music in the tent other than the headphones, it was really fun to hear people sing when I took the headphones off!

Glitter Station

Did you not have the time like I did to put some glitter on your face to get into the mood of the festival? Then the glitter booth will come to your rescue! Heiðdís Austfjörð, the owner of the online make-up shop specialises in everything glitter! She helps you set on the glitter so you don‘t have to any work!

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