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Secret Solstice – Day 3

Though the weather was not as good as it was as the day before, it did not stop me nor other festivalgoers having fun. When going to an outdoor festival in Iceland you should always be prepared for some cold winds or rain. For the weather like it was on day three, raincoats and waterproof shoes were a necessity.


At the stage Gimli there were many Icelandic performers, such as the young artists JóiPé x Króli who amazed the nation with their single B.O.B.A. in late 2017. Amongst other Icelandic artists on that same stage were Joey Christ and Sturla Atlas who both kept the obviously young crowd in a great mood. People were dancing and singing along, in true music festival manner.


What I noticed after walking to the main stage, Valhöll, was the generational difference between the crowd, which mainly was due to the difference between the genres of the music. Despite my little-as-non knowledge of rock and metal music I did walk amongst the crowd and I could really see the way bands Death from Above and Slayer managed to connect with the crowd in their own way.


Diversity was also a thing I noticed, not only with the music and performers but amongst people. Attendees were of all ages, from children just a few years old with their parents to grizzled old rockers. As this was my first time at this festival I truthfully thought that the festival would be only full of 20 somethings !


The food at the festival was really good. The previous night I had a burger and fries from Tommi’s Burger Joint, but last night I had a burrito, and oh my it was good! You truly can have everything: from vegan sandwiches to a salmon wagon (and my favourite: a cocktail bar!).


Tomorrow will my colleague Mariska will tell you all about her experience at the last day of Secret Solstice!



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