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September in Iceland (2015)

There are several reasons to look forward to September in Iceland with joy in heart. There are also a few reasons to be considerably suspicious of September, especially if the weather starts off in a promising manner. As I am a man completely fixated on looking always on the proverbial “bright side”, we shall not mention those, but instead, focus on what’s good about September, the fall and the upcoming winter.

Reason number one: We have Northern Lights again.

From now on you can realistically expect to see these elusive lights, especially if you happen to be looking up, at night, when the sky is clear. Further instructions are provided in this magazine.

Reason number two: We’re no longer disappointed by the weather.

You see, during the summer time, we’re always shocked and surprised that the weather is… Icelandic. When the fall comes, we release these completely unrealistic expectations and simply accept what’s handed to us.

Reason number three: Everything becomes immensly colourful

Despite its rather ominous name, Iceland is actually incredibly colourful, no matter the season. During autumn, the leaves, grass and basically everything, take on all sorts of varying colours, resulting in a great display.

Don’t hesitate to share your reasons to look forward to the autumn with us, either on [email protected] or by using our tag, #WhatsOnRvk!

– Hjörtur Atli, editor

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