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September in Reykjavik

September in Reykjavik (2014)

WO_SEPTOnce again September has arrived and once again, the summer is gone. That’s fine to be honest, as most Icelandic summers revolve around constant disappointment at the weather. You see, it seems that Icelanders are always as surprised that we don’t have 25°C and sun constantly for 3 months here. We’re always astonished and shocked when it rains for 5 consecutive weeks. Somehow one never learns.

But now summer is over, and as such we’re expecting worse weather, and can possibly even be pleasantly surprised if it turns out to be at least decent in September.

September is a great month to visit Iceland – so well done to you! You can realistically expect Northern Lights, a mild autumn weather and you’ll most likely have escaped the masse of tourists that grace our beautiful country during the peak summer.

So make sure you make the most of your stay – explore the country and have a great time!

Read the September issue here.

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