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Snowmobiling in Iceland

Snowmobiling in Iceland

Snowmobiles are fun, it does not matter how old you are.  They are not just “big boys toys” they are toys for all ages…well actually you do need a drivers licence for Snowmobiling in Iceland.

Snowmobiling in Iceland
Snow mobiling will take you where you want to go

It is an all year round activity but now we have winter and it is an ideal way to be warm and out in the fresh air.  Ok so the air may be freezing cold but you always get a wooly bear suit so no worries there.

It is not just an activity but a way to get yourself up standing on a glacier, so if you like, it is 2 in 1.

Snowmobiling in Iceland
If you can drive a car then you can definitely ride a snow mobile


  1. As mentioned you need a drivers licence
  2. You can be a single or double ride
  3. Single costs more… usually 35 Euros per person extra.
  4. Age limit of passenger, no younger than 6
  5. 3 glaciers within 3 hours of Reykjavík
  6. Helmet, gloves and warm overalls always provided
  7. Usually 1 hour minimum on the actual snowmobile
  8. Possible to drive with hire car to meet at base of glacier
  9. Always a guided tour
  10. Safe and easy activity
Snowmobiling in Iceland
Mode of transport to the glacier can vary depending on your tour

So that is a rough quick and simple guide……need to know more then just contact us directly.

Final point if you are wondering about the name….. yes you do need snow for snowmobiles…. though if you are really clever you can make them walk on water! 🙂


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