The filming of Episode VII of Star Wars in Iceland has been covered before. But the most recent trailer gave us a better chance than ever to see exactly where in Iceland.

The name Iceland, as well as unconfirmed rumours that filming took place at Eyjafjallajökull or Mýrdalsjökull, made many people wonder if the movie will return to the ice planet Hoth. That’s where Han Solo and Luke Skywalker famously crawled inside a Tonton to escape death by freezing.

These were only rumours until the latest trailer, since the terrain is too wooded for Iceland where the new antagonist of the movie swings his (vaguely religious-looking) lightsaber.

Star Wars in Iceland

Yup, definitely more trees than we’re used to.

However, the newly released trailer shows scenes that definitely fit our idea of Icelandic terrain, with snow-capped mountains and planes of ice.

Star Wars in Iceland
Star Wars in Iceland

We’re pretty sure the robot is CGI, though.

Here are all the trailers we’ve seen so far in one extended supercut – it really helps you see it all in context.

Watching the footage brings up another question to many people’s minds – where is Luke Skywalker? We know he’s in the movie, we’ve seen promotional material featuring the actor Mark Hamill.  Some speculate that it’s him in the black helmet, that he finally joined his father on the dark side. I, however, think that this is a deliberate deception by the filmmakers. In fact there is a brief scene where a metallic hand reaches out for R2-D2. It seems more likely to me that they’re deliberately misleading us in order to create buzz for the movie. But in any case, time will tell. What do you think? Comment on the forum below!

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