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How to Party in Reykjavík: Weekend Update – June 11th – 13th


Hi. There are some things that we can agree upon. Pigs are smart and should not be kept in a pig-sty. Bacon is tasty. Natalie Portman is amazing. Natalie Portman is now in Iceland. That brings us to the following question: What is going on in Reykjavík this weekend?


Sóley at Fríkirkjan in Reykjavík, the church at the ponds banks.

Ever since the release of her debut album We Sink (2011), Sóley Stefánsdóttir, better known as Sóley, has been wowing audiences around the globe. Sóley’s songs and videos turned into Youtube-hits with millions of plays and her shows attract an ever growing loyal fanbase. After releasing the short, eerie, cinematic, almost voice-less EP “Krómantik” (2014) she is now putting on this concert at Fríkirkjan, returning with her 2nd full length album, Ask the Deep. Only 2.500.- ISK, the door opens at 08:00 PM and the show starts 30 minutes later. Tickets are sold at the door, but you could also drop by at our office and we can help you pre-book it. This is highly recommended. Natalie Portman will be there.


All eyes will be on a certain football match. A qualifying game for the European Championship in 2016. We play against the Czech Republic, and with a win or a draw we are just a few steps from an achievement we have been trying to reach for over 50 years, that is; qualifying for a finals tournament in football. Considering our population and the fact that 15 years ago we could only practice football on grass for 3 months a year this will be news material for the world press. So hit the bar, support our boys and drink beer! For the rest of the evening, below is our two top picks for a party:

Húrra – This a great bar and concert venue in downtown Reykjavík is our top pick for partying tonight. They have a huge selection of local beers and every weekend great DJ’s will get the crowd dancing until 04:30 am, when they close. Make sure you are there before 01:00 am if you want to skip the queue, but it does not matter if you are Natalie Portman. Free admission and they have a smoking area through the door at the right side of the dance floor.

Prikið – This place is for hip hop lovers and tonight two amazing snow queens will make this tiny coffee house go upside down. Don’t expect to have a lot of space on the dance floor to through your elbows. Bring a towel.


Mengi – I’m not quite sure what Snorri Ásmundsson is doing this Saturday, but you better believe it’s going to be shocking and provocative. From the artist’s website: “Snorri Ásmundsson is an artist that often seeks to affect the society by public events. He has disturbed the community he lives in for some years with extensive and remarkable performances where he works with social taboos like politics and religion. He has observed the reactions of the society, that is people’s response when accepted values are turned upside down […] he is first and foremost challenging sociological and religious values. He seeks sharp responses and examines the limits of his fellow man as well as his own.” Starts at 09 PM and the entrance fee is 2000 ISK.

BarAnanas – What do “Flamingophant”, “Mint Condition”, “A Hammock in August”, “Chocorazz”, “Hangover Relief” and “Monkey in a Tree looking for his Tangerine” have in common? They are all names of cocktails at the only Tiki Bar in Iceland, BarAnanas. BarAnanas, named after that pizza topping that only decent people enjoy (pineapple), is truly a breath of fresh air for the sometimes similar downtown scene. No sir, this is no dive bar, but a club, with an indoor smoking lounge, a tiny dance floor, and a solid line of DJs that all aim to make you bust a move. Since we will have the first glimpse of sunshine this summer at the end of the week and during the weekend this is clearly our pick. Here, the party starts early. Come straight after dinner and enjoy the cocktails. The bar usually gets packed at midnight. It closes at 01:00 am, which is perfect, since the party is just getting started everywhere else.

Boston in Velvet. What is that???? Well, here is the description: “Boston will be draped in velvet and transformed “into a gay haven where everyone is welcome to dance and explore the spectrum of the rainbow. Heiðrikur á Heygum, the multi-talented artist from the Faroe Islands, will be playing with his lovely hags Janus Rasmussen and Sigrún Skafta.
We are gonna give you a little bit of Kate Bush, some Boy George and other amazing icons. See y’all on the dance floor Saturday evening ♥” I assume Natalie Portman will be there too…

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