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northern lights

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Hey! Have you been craving an all-in-one newsletter which keeps you updated on what’s going on in Iceland? Then the weekly What’s On in Reykjavík newsletter is what you need to chomp on! The newsletter is brimming with the most interesting articles of the week alongside all the events you can not and should not miss out on in Reykjavík. Whether it be the excellent music festivals Iceland has on offer or a cozy board game night which welcomes one and all, What’s On has you covered. We will also provide a who’s who selection of the best tours Iceland has to offer. There are a plethora of options as adventure, relaxation, nature, exercise, food, and (most importantly) brews can all be found on the tours menu. Subscribe to the newsletter right now if you want to be up to date on everything that is going on in the northernmost capital city in the world!

northern lights
  • What to do in Reykjavík and how? We want to introduce you to the wonderful world of downtown Reykjavík. Where is the best junk food? Where can you get a boiled sheep’s head? When do the locals head downtown? (Hint: Late)
  • Coverage on the most beautiful nature Iceland has to show and where to head for each season. in the end, you’ll know more about Icelandic nature than the locals! You can expect us to enlighten readers on the best Northern Lights spots and where the best waterfalls can be found.
  • The newsletter will cover events in and around Reykjavík city. The city is brimming with life all year around and the social calendar is full of events you don’t want to miss out on! Geothermal swimming pool yoga, Seinfeld pub quiz and the biggest art events in Iceland, all in one.
  • Photo essays of our beautiful island. What better way to showcase the beauty of the country than by enjoying portraits of nature and pictures of the city life?
  • The fun side of Iceland’s history and culture presented in bite-sized information packets. We love to inform you on our funky history and eccentric culture. Articles cover everything from the bizarre Icelandic language to the bustling music scene in the country.

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