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Super Jeeps and Monster Trucks in Iceland

Super Jeeps & Monster Trucks in Iceland

The nose of a Ford Econoline

The super jeep or monster truck does one thing amongst all others it respects the environment by leaving little or no trace.  In Iceland it is forbidden to drive off-road but some of the mountain trails require having a super jeep or being a mountain goat.  We have no mountain goats in Iceland hence you require a super jeep.

Our advice is if you have never driven off road then you need a guide

Tourists have to have respect for what they are up against and many tourists get themselves into trouble trying to ford (drive through) rivers for example.  The economy rental 4×4 is the Suzuki Jimmy and you could probably fit one in the back of the vehicles mentioned below.

In the winter it is possible for the jeeps to go truly off road as they are either driving across a frozen crust of ice or sometimes literally floating across snow on deflated tyres.

Super Jeep tours sound like they are for fit adventurous types but they are for everyone.  Most things in Iceland are visual in nature and the jeep is a means of getting there so getting out the car is optional.  We have the knowledge and the expertise so we would always encourage you to take advantage of what we have to offer and contact us directly.  Everyone can be catered for whether a person is able bodied or not.

Which vehicle to take me into the wilderness of Iceland on my tour?

One of our staff members, but they cost extra! 🙂

Old school and a classic the Landrover Defender.  From the Dakhar Rally to the Arctic Tundra this vehicle is a favourite for Expeditions around the world.  It seats 5 plus the driver and will definitely get you there or Landrover will give you your money back.  A popular vehicle amongst guides and good tour operators here in Iceland.  Massive tyres as standard- typically 38″  Designed of course in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

These vehicles started production in 1948 and it will bring a tear to the eye of many a Landrover lover when they cease production in December 2015.

Crossing rivers is what buses do not do well

Ford Excursion comes in two sizes regular and stretched.  Regular is 5 comfortable/max 7 plus driver guide and the stretched version is 7 comfortable/max 11.  Generally speaking these vehicles are black in Iceland and come with massive tyres as standard- typically 46″.  Designed of course in the US of A!

As mentioned all ages can go on super jeep tours

Ford Econoline comes in one size and is one vehicle which looks tame until it is fitted out for the Icelandic wilderness.  These vehicle take us up to 11 passengers comfortably and driver guide.  Now in recent times they are going for the all black routine here in Iceland.  Massive tyres as standard- 38″ & 46″.  That makes it  a score of 2-1 on the design stakes with another Ford coming from the USA.

This vehicle allows larger private groups to travel together

Mercedes truck comes in one size and suits up to 17 people. Yet again the market loves to go for black, might have something to do with photography and standing out against the snow.  By now you are getting the idea, massive tyres,  46″ tyres as standard here. Designed in the Federal German Republic.

For the more adventurous, drive yourself with the guide riding shotgun

Toyota Hi-Lux is a favourite for the self-drive 4×4 tours were you can go with a guide beside you as you drive or as a convoy with a guide driving up in the front vehicle.  So typically in Iceland this car is used for this purpose but can comfortably be 3 plus driver guide.  Usually 38″ tyres for monster truck junkies and of course designed by our friends around the other side of the globe in Japan.

This you cannot drive yourself but you can definately take the extended family

Finally to round us off we have the modified buses and trucks which have been converted to carry up to 49 passengers principally up onto the glaciers or rather just where ever you want it to take you.

So that be enough of the vehicles of the Icelandic “Super Jeep” tours.  Many, many options from scheduled tours to private tours.  If you are lucky enough to be organising your activities before coming to Iceland then feel free to contact us and we shall help you make that decision.  If you are already here in Iceland then we recommend you pay us a visit at our downtown location.  If you are a budget traveller then there are still some buses that have not been turned into monster trucks! 🙂

You can also just put off buying that new washing machine and go and have that “Super Jeep” trip of a life time in the Icelandic wilderness! 🙂

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