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Taking a Ride In Iceland

While exploring Icelandic nature in quiet solitude can be fun. If driving fast vehicles is your jam, Iceland can deliver; with plenty of stunning scenes and various terrains fit to complement your need for acceleration and activity.

I tried out three of these vehicle expeditions and safely survived all of them (must’ve developed some mad driving skills during my days as a pizza delivery girl). Here’s which ones I tried out, and why you might like them too – even if you’re not a great fan of driving!



Driving a snowmobile is a fairly smooth ride (apart from some uneven spots on the ice), so this activity is all about acceleration, swirling through the snow and having a lot of fun. We lined up our mobiles, initiated the engines and started our drive up the glacier. Curving on ice, squashing the snow, all in high speed. Once you reach the top of the glacier, the views are insane. Take a few minutes to snap pictures, but be sure to also simply enjoy the scene and throw a snowball at your partner, parents, and/or friends (even tour guide, if you’re feeling cheeky).

I can safely say that has been one of my favourite activities (if not most), I’ve done since in Iceland, so if possible, try this! Often snowmobiling can be combined with seeing some landmarks, relaxation and/or another activity, making it a great way to experience Iceland in multiple ways on the same day.

Personal fave recommendation: It’s great to go snowmobiling in the morning and go to a hot thermal pool afterwards (say, Secret Lagoon, the Blue Lagoon or Reykjadalur natural hot spring). There’s a reason Iceland is called the land of fire and ice. What better way than to experience it yourself. 🙂



This ride is less about the speed but more about the action! The terrain is rough and you’ll be swung left and right every here and there. An ATV doesn’t make for as much of a smooth ride as snowmobiling, as you’ll be driving through puddles, balancing on rocks and spewing up dust with every turn.

We drove uphill on Hafrafell and Úlfarsfell, two mountains just outside of Reykjavik. Steep slopes and rocky roads. Driving through shallow river streams and dodging gaps all while corresponding your body weight with the motion and avoiding crashes with Iceland’s big rocks, bumpy terrain, and rugged hills.

Reaching the top is being rewarded with stretching views over Reykjavík city, and the mountains around you. You make your way down the mountain, and when back on the street we had the option to really jack up the speed a bit. Highly recommended!



A buggy can go faster, is sturdier and less likely to flip over than an ATV. It is recommended to drive a buggy with a passenger, to balance the cart out (and for the fun of it, of course), as you drive through rough terrain. A buggy comes with a roll-over cage, is high in horsepower while relatively low in weight and makes use of a steering wheel rather than handlebars.

When going into a buggy you better prepare to get dirty. Water splashing up on the side of the tires and dust whisking around your head. A ride with one of these bad boys is rocky, rough, and crazy fun.

After any of these tours, don’t be surprised to find yourself googling how much it might costs to get your motorcycle license. I know I did!

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