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The Best of Instagram: January 2023

Whether you’re looking for your own photo inspiration or just some amazing landscape photography, here are some of our favourites for January 2023! Visiting Iceland on a winter adventure of your own? Don’t forget to tag us with #whatsonrvk for a feature!

A Dirty Back

This cool shot by almost makes the back of a horse look like a landscape! You can almost imagine grey mountains and glacial rivers in the photo, almost bordering on abstraction. We’re impressed!

Lights over Keflavík

You don’t always have to leave town to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. Sometimes you can see them clearly overhead, even in bigger cities like Keflavík. Imagine seeing this first thing as you step out of the airport!

Glacier Lagoon

We never get tired of pictures of Jökulsárlón! We love the shapes and patterns of the ice as it jumbles up. And you’ve probably also heard of the Diamon Beach, where these little icebergs wash up and glisten on the shore.

Hallgrímskirkja at Night

Did you know that the pillars of Reykjavík’s cathedral are supposed to recall the beautiful basalt columns found in nature throughout Iceland?

Glistening Caves

A bucket list item for sure! On our first and hundredth visit to Iceland’s many natural ice caves, we love how the catches the ice!

Black Sand Beaches

If you’ve found something more Icelandic than black sand beaches and basalt columns, we haven’t heard of it! But do be careful- many of Iceland’s most famous South Coast beaches are also very dangerous, and visitors should exercise caution around the waves!

Farm life

A little farmstead out in the country, preferably with some adorable horses, sheep, and Icelandic sheepdogs. Sounds like heaven to us! Although it might get kind of lonely in the winter…

Where Sky and Ocean Meet

Mountains, sea, and a beautiful sky above- you can hardly tell where one starts and the other ends! We love the colours here too!

Powerful Currents

Can you guess which of Iceland’s many powerful waterfalls this is?

Sunset Over Reykjavík

Taking a walk around the Reykjaví city pond, known as Tjörnin, is one of the nicest ways to spend an evening in the city.

Heart of the Glacier

Did you know that you can travel right into the heart of one of Iceland’s largest glaciers? But be careful- if you stare long enough, you might never want to leave!

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