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Icelandic Easter Egg

The Icelandic Easter Egg

Every child‘s (and many grown-ups‘) favorite, the Icelandic Easter Egg is an institution all its own. Rather than the familiar emptied-and-coloured chicken eggs or the colourfully wrapped chocolate eggs, about the size of a normal egg, the Icelandic easter egg tends to be more an egg in name than in any other meaningful sense.

They tend to be about the size of an ostrich egg or larger, the bottom is flattened to stand up better, and rather than nothing, they are filled with all kinds of Icelandic candy. As a kind of ironic nod to the whole „egg“ concept, some brands have a tiny ornamental chick on top of them, while others go with smurfs or other decorations.

Of course no easter egg is complete without the traditional „saying“ – a small note with a wise proverb of sorts. That‘s why, the day after easter,  children and grown-ups alike will ask one another „what saying did you get“  and then they‘ll speculate how it’s relevant to the person‘s life.

Icelandic Easter Egg

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