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Sónar Festival

The Journey of Two Long-haired Men Into the Epic Dancetastic Sónar Festival: Part II

© Mahala Marcet

Thursday night, we forgot the first rule of music festivals: start slowly. Therefore, Friday night, my photographer was sick and I full of KFC, which eventually led to a short night at the Sónar Festival. Or did it?

Sophie was my first stop. I was not expecting a male, because of the name. However, SOPHIE’s set was a pummeling, arresting experience. Have you ever stood behind a waterfall? It’s sweet and the roar of it drowns out everything else. That’s what SOPHIE is like. Oh, how I regretted that KFC meal.

Nina Kraviz Sónar Reykjavik 2015 Day 2 – Mahala Marcet-2

Biggi Veira/Gus Gus DJ set.
The weekend addition of the car park basement was probably the best thing about this festival for the locals. There, you got the feeling of being in an industrial club similar to the ones found in Berlin, Tel Aviv, etc. Reykjavík doesn’t have a single club in its lively nightlife.

Of course Gus Gus and Veira did what where expected of them and the car park was hot and sweaty. Then came Nina Kraviz. My hangover disappeared and I joined the party. I wasn´t expecting myself to get going that night, but she made it possible.

kalkbrenner Sónar Reykjavik 2015 Day 2 - Mahala Marcet-2

Then I ended the evening by going for a bit to check out Paul Kalklbrenner. Great vibes and I got some glimmer blown all over my face by a group of four humans in strange outfits.


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