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Northern lights

The Northern Lights Are Back

It’s the moment we have all been waiting for – the northern lights are back! Technically, they never left, as northern lights are a natural phenomenon happening year-round. After a solar storm, gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere collide with charged particles from the sun’s atmosphere, causing bright green, white, red and purple colours to dance across the sky. Even though northern lights occur all year, you can only see them when it’s dark.

It hasn’t been dark enough since April for the lights to be seen, but since mid-August, nights are back, with sunrise at 05:30 and sunset at 21:30. So, even though it’s still early in the season, you can see the lights if you are in Iceland now. In this article, we will tell you about some exciting northern light tours you can choose from.

Northern lights

Whales and northern lights

Do you want to see two of Iceland’s wonders? Then go on the whales and northern lights tour. This is a combo tour, which means you will go on two separate tours on the same day. First, you will go on a whale watching tour in Faxaflói bay. Cetaceans often sighted are minke whales, humpback whales, sei whales, fin whales and blue whales. After the tour you have time to go for a bite to eat or just walk around. In the evening, you will go on a northern lights cruise. Sailing away from the bright city lights greatly improves your chances of seeing northern lights.

Book your northern lights and whales tour here.

Northern lights

Northern lights and stargazing

From September 1, you can go on a small-group northern lights and stargazing tour. First, you are picked up at your accommodation and driven out of the city. The location is picked based on the weather forecast. The guide will try to go off the beaten path, so you will not be bothered by big crowds. On location, the sky is explored by a stargazing telescope revealing details of stars, planets and our solar system. The guide will take a photo of you and northern lights for free. And just when you are starting to get really cold, you will get cup of hot chocolate and a kleina, a small Icelandic doughnut.

Book your northern lights and stargazing tour here.

Northern lights

Northern lights and ice caves

If you are looking for a longer adventure, then a northern lights and ice caves tour might be just what you’re looking for. This tour takes two days and will take you to the waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss and past the glaciers on the south coast. You will go on a glacier hike and will explore an ice cave hidden inside Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull. You will spend the night in a four-star hotel in the countryside, an excellent spot for northern lights viewing.

Book your northern lights and ice cave tour here.

Northern lights

Northern lights and snowmobiling

Snowmobiling in the dark, doesn’t that sound exciting? Well, that’s exactly what you will do during this tour. The pickup point of this tour is Gullfoss waterfall. You will be driven to Langjökull glacier, where you will gear up for a snowmobile tour. The headlight of the snowmobiles will be the only guiding light during this trip up Iceland’s second largest glacier. If conditions are right, this is the best place on earth to spot northern lights.

Book your northern lights and snowmobile tour here.

Northern lights

No guarantees

Nothing is given in this world – and neither are northern lights. You’re never guaranteed to see them, and luck always plays a fair part. Sometimes they show up and dance through the sky for awestruck visitors, but at other times they won’t show, even though all conditions point towards a light spectacle. A clear sky, darkness and a recent solar storm greatly enhance your chances of seeing northern lights. Keep an eye on the northern lights forecast for the best predictions.

Northern lights

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