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The Westfjords Way

Wild, Vast & Unspoiled – Discover The Westfjords Way

The Westfjords Way is a new, spectacular touring route of 950km (590mi) through the Westfjords, the part of Iceland that kind of looks like a hand stretching out towards Greenland. The route takes you past breathtaking peninsulas, mountain passes, beaches, and fjords. Roads can be small and rough, turning up mountains without guardrails. Take it easy when exploring the Westfjords and enjoy The Westfjords Way.

Roads in the Westfjords can be narrow.

Natural wonders

When driving The Westfjords Way, you will pass many natural wonders. Látrabjarg bird cliffs are famous for their excellent bird-watching opportunities. Flatey island, one of Iceland’s few inhabited islands, is also on The Westfjords Way. Only a handful of people live there year-round. You can visit Flatey by taking the ferry from Stykkishólmur, a town on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. When you arrive at Flatey, you can explore the island by following its only road and continue your journey by taking the ferry to the Westfjords via Brjánslækur. Dynjandi waterfall is another highlight, a magnificent cascade of seven waterfalls falling a combined total of over 100m [328 ft]. Rauðasandur red sand beach is a popular destination, too. This beautiful beach gets its red colour from pulverised scallop shells. Other highlights include the ocean-front Jacuzzis of Drangsnes (you might see whales from the hot pots!), Valagil ravine, and Bolafjall mountain.

Dynjandi waterfall.

Museums to visit

There are a couple of interesting museums and cultural centres to visit. Stop by The Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft Museum for insight into the witch hunts in Iceland in the 17th century and different spells that were used at the time. Ever heard of necropants? If not, then definitely head to this museum to find out what those are. Visit the Arctic Fox Centre to learn everything about the arctic fox, Iceland’s only native land mammal. It is located in Súðavík and is a non-profit research and exhibition centre. Eiríksstaðir – Living Museum is a historical place where you can immerse yourself in the experience of Erik the Red’s farm which is also the birthplace of Leif the Lucky who is believed to have sailed to North America during the Viking Age.

arctic fox
An arctic fox.


Nature in the Westfjords offers opportunities for activities such as hiking, beach walks, northern lights watching, and skiing. You will also find swimming pools with amazing views, golf courses, and fishing spots. In Ísafjörður, you can enjoy a little nightlife and visit a live concert at a bar.

Northern Lights
Northern lights.

Places to stay and places to eat

Along the route, there are plenty of cosy guesthouses and hotels! Find a list of all accommodations on the website of The Westfjords Way. For a list of restaurants in the area, check out this overview of restaurants in the area.

The Westfjords Way

There’s a lot to explore in the Westfjords. Before you head out, always check the road conditions on and the weather forecast on, and make sure you know where the gas stations are. But most importantly, enjoy!

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