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Things to-do in April in Reykjavík

Things To-Do in April in Reykjavik

You’re in Iceland – now go enjoy Iceland! Here is a list of Top 10 Things To-Do in April in Reykjavik. We think you should do them all!

We encourage you to tag your photos using #WhatsOnRvk, as proof that you’ve did those things you’re bound to be boasting of!

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Things To-Do in April in Reykjavik

  • Go swimming! Icelanders go swimming in every weather, thanks to geothermally heated swimming pools.
  • Get some ice cream – Again, Icelanders eat ice cream in every weather, and at all hours of the day too!
  • Try to spot a lóa (golden plover) – The tiny gold and black bird brings the spring to Iceland, according to superstition.
  • Read an Icelandic saga – They’re historical and literary treasures, but also just very entertaining to read.
  • Go to the Volcano house – Use the opportunity on a rainy day and learn about the volcanic forces that created Iceland.
  • Celebrate the First Day of Summer on April 21st, whatever the weather!

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