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Swimming Pool - 10 Icelandic travel tips from a local expert

Things To-Do in July in Reykjavik

You’re in Iceland – now go enjoy Iceland! Here is a list of Top 10 Things To-Do in May in Reykjavik. We think you should do them all!

We encourage you to tag your photos using #WhatsOnRvk, as proof that you’ve did those things you’re bound to be boasting of!

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Things To-Do in July in Reykjavik

  • Stay up all night in the midnight sun!
  • See a puffin, a whale or, if you’re lucky, an arctic fox
  • If time is scarce and you don’t have time to go foxspotting, the Reykjavík Family Park and Zoo has all the Icelandic animals and then some.
  • Go swimming! Whether it’s in some of Reykjavík’s luxurious geothermal swimming pools, the Blue Lagoon or just a hot spring out in nature
  • If it rains, you don’t have to give up your chance to be in nature, just go caving!
  • Diving also works, because you’re going to get wet anyway. The Silfra fissure at Þingvellir is a world-class diving spot!
  • Eat ice cream

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