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Christmas tours

This Year’s Best Christmas Tours in Reykjavík

Isn’t Christmas the best time of year? You’re lucky to spend Christmas in Reykjavík, because the city turns into a Christmassy winter wonderland every year, with twinkling lights and Christmas decorations everywhere, a good chance of snow, and the Yule Lads walking around town. To top this all, there are a couple wonderful seasonal tours. Read all about Christmas tours departing from Reykjavík in this article..

Bonfire Reykjavík

Bonfire Tour by Reykjavik Excursions

Bonfires are a big part of the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Iceland. In Reykjavík, there are bonfires all around the city. Locals flock to these fires to burn away the old year, celebrate, and sing together. It’s a happy family event. You can join these bonfires by going on the Bonfire Tour. A fun way to get to know local traditions. This tour is only available on New Year’s Eve. Sparklers included!

Reykjavík New Year’s Celebration at Sea by Elding

Sail away on December 31 and enjoy Iceland’s impressive New Year’s Celebration at sea. The view of Reykjavík’s skyline from Faxaflói bay is amazing and it’s the best spot to enjoy the grand fireworks display over the city. The crew will offer you a welcome drink when boarding the vessel and then you’re ready to sail the open waters. It is estimated that 500 tonnes of fireworks are set off in the capital are! Snacks and a complimentary drink at the bar are included. Add in music and a chance to see the northern lights, and you have the perfect festive evening. The cruise leaves the harbour at 22:30 and returns at 00:30.

New Year’s Fireworks Cruise by Special Tours

Enjoy Reykjavík’s spectacular, world-famous fireworks from first class seats by going on a fireworks cruise. The comfortable vessel leaves Reykjavík Harbour at 23:00 and returns back to shore around 00:30. The view over the city from sea is impressive and gives you the chance to see how all corners of the city light up. While watching the fireworks, you will get a complimentary glass of champagne, so you can toast to the new year at midnight.

Reykjavík Christmas Walk by Reykjavik Excursions

Do you want to know more about Icelandic Christmas? Then going on a Christmas Walk through Reykjavík is the thing for you. This cultural walking tour of Reykjavík will get you into the Christmas mood in no time. You will get a unique insight into Icelandic Christmas traditions, while at the same time hear more about Reykjavík’s history, art, architecture, and cuisine. Short stops to sample food and drinks at local restaurants are included, as well as a small Christmas gift.

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