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Top 5 Icelandic artists to see at Iceland Airwaves!

There are A LOT of performers you should check out at Iceland Airwaves 2014. To make things a bit easier, here are my Top 5 Icelandic artists to see at Iceland Airwaves!




  • Wed 5 Nov, 14:00 @ The Laundromat Cafe 
  • Thu 6 Nov, 15:00 @ Kaffihús Vesturbæjar 
  • Fri 7 Nov, 20:00 @ Fríkirkjan
  • Sat 8 Nov, 16:00 @ Bravó

A top notch folk singer/songwriter, who performs both solo and with his band, Snorri Helgason.

His performances are mellow and personal and there’s something about his songs that breaks your heart, just a little bit. His voice has been described as melted chocolate and champagne being poured into your ears, only less disgusting.




  • Thu 6 Nov, 21:40 @ Húrra
  • Sat 8 Nov, 17:30 @ Íslenski Barinn
  • Sat 8 Nov, 19:00 @ Eymundsson Austurstræti
  • Sun 9 Nov, 21:00 @ Húrra

You can’t miss this all-female hip hop band.

There are 20 members and at their concerts they either perform all together or as solo artists, duos, trios, etc, making their performances diverse and exciting. Their lyrics are in Icelandic and address everything from one-night stands and partying to politics and feminism. The energy radiating from a full stage of Icelandic female rappers is simply amazing.

#3 Moses Hightower

Moses Hightower


  • Wed 5 Nov, 00:30 @ Harpa Silfurberg
  • Fri 7 Nov, 22:00  @ Reykjavík Art Museum

Iceland’s best (and only) soul band.

Ever since their debut album, Búum til börn (meaning Let’s Make Babies), they have been immensely popular. That is no surprise since they are incredibly talented musicians and their lyrics and songwriting are wonderful. I admire their knack for making the most mundane of things sound absolutely great.

#2 Grísalappalísa



  • Thu 6 Nov, 23:00 @ Gamla Bíó
  • Fri 7 Nov, 13:00 @ The Laundromat Cafe
  • Sat 8 Nov, 17:45 @ Slippbarinn
  • Sat 8 Nov, 23:20 @ Gaukurinn

This is going to be the craziest live performance you’ll ever see.

The two singers give one hell of a show as they run around sweaty and more or less topless. Their music is a raw but groovy mix of punk and kraut rock, accompanied with some outstandingly poetical Icelandic lyrics. The video below will give you a hint of what I mean about their live shows.

#1 FM Belfast

FM Belfast


  • Wed 5 Nov, 00:10 @ Gamla Bíó
  • Thu 6 Nov, 19:30 @ KEX Hostel
  • Fri 7 Nov, 00:30 @ Harpa Silfurberg

Do not miss FM Belfast.

Their live performances are such a good party. They play feel-good electro-pop which never fails to get the crowd going. On stage they are constantly dancing around, often accompanied by lots of happy looking fellow musicians from Icelandic bands. Get ready for some confetti and some underwear. This will be the party of the year as always.

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