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Top 6 Cosiest Coffeehouses in Reykjavík

Update on 25 Oct. 2023: This post is a bit outdated as Micro Roast, Kaffitár in Bankastræti, Stofan Café and C is for Cookie have all closed. Only Café Babalú and Te & Kaffi from this coverage remain open. Kaffitár is a chain and still has various other branches open. Check out our new coverage on The Best Coffee in Iceland.

Whether you like a warm cup of coffee, a comfy couch to sit down on and read, or a place to meet with all your friends, Reykjavík has an exquisite selection of coffeehouses for you to choose from. They’re all quite cosy, but the ones we mention in this article have that extra charming atmosphere which makes them stand out.


Micro Roast – Aðalstræti 12

In the heart of the city, between Ingólfstorg square and Austurvöllur square, lies Micro Roast, described as Te & Kaffi’s “coffee laboratory.” And as if this doesn’t sound interesting enough, they have their own incinerator, used for developing all sorts of coffee on the spot. It’s warm inside, and there is access to an outside porch where it is rarely windy, making it a welcome oasis right in the middle of the city.


Kaffitár – Bankastræti 8

If you’re looking to warm up on a cold autumn day, just drop by at Kaffitár on Bankastræti and enjoy one of their excellent, warm drinks while watching people pass by you on the other side of the window. It’s an incredibly cosy venue, with a modern and colourful decor.


Stofan Café – Vesturgata 3

Stofan is housed in what used to be a cute little antique store in the heart of Reykjavík. It is an adorable, two-story coffeehouse with the cosiest chairs and sofas. The antique feel is preserved, making Stofan Café one of the most comfortable little spots to enjoy a coffee, hot chocolate or slice of cake on a quiet Sunday afternoon. It’s also a fantastic place to play board games on Monday nights while drinking a beer or two.


Te & Kaffi – Borgartún 21a

In the heart of Reykjavík’s business centre is a white building that, at first glance, looks like just another office meant for calculating who knows what. A closer look reveals an inviting wooden porch, leading into a lovely coffeehouse brimming with comfy chairs and sofas. They serve excellent sandwiches and cakes, and of course, steaming fresh coffee. No wonder you’ll always run into businessmen, politicians, and famous musicians over there, looking for a moment of quiet during their busy days.


Café Babalú – Skólavörðustígur 22a

Café Babalú is easy to spot on Skólavörðurstígur (the road leading up to the church). The quirky, bright orange coffeehouse with a blue door and roof, is a long-time favourite with locals and tourists alike. Since Babalú used to be a family home at one point, it still has that homey vibe, with lots of cosy nooks and corners. Filled with eclectic paraphernalia, its décor contains grandma-style trinkets and Star Wars merchandise, and everything in between.

Café Babalú

C is for Cookie – Týsgata 8

Head to C is for Cookie for a cup of Illy coffee, homemade cakes and pancakes, and fresh sandwiches. This tiny coffeeshop just off Skólavörðurstígur opens early on weekdays, so it’s the perfect spot for grabbing a cup of coffee before heading out of the city. It’s so snug inside, it feels like having a cup of coffee at a friend’s place.


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