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Travel Warning for South Iceland

Today, May 4, authorities have expressed concern about the uncertainty caused by earthquakes in Mýrdalsjökull, a glacier in South Iceland. The earthquake swarm began at 9:41 am northeast of Öræfajökull and three earthquakes measuring over 4 in magnitude were recorded. These are unusually large earthquakes, so it is important to closely monitor the situation and any subsequent developments. However, there have been no reports of volcanic or glacial activity. In light of this, the police in South Iceland have decided to close the road to Katla.

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Around Katla, there is a monitoring network consisting of seismic, deformation, and water level sensors, among other things. These sensors are monitored around the clock by meteorologists at the Icelandic Meteorological Office, and notifications are issued if there are sudden changes that could be interpreted as short-term precursors to volcanic eruptions or glacial outbursts, such as unrest on seismic sensors. There is no such unrest on the sensors at present. It’s hard to say what’s going to happen with any certainty, but meteorological monitoring will continue to closely follow the situation.

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For more information on travelling safely, we recommend checking SafeTravel often. You can also find more information at the Department for Civil Protection.

Staying safe while travelling is of course priority number 1! Iceland is of course famous for its volcanic and seismic activity; it’s what makes this such an exciting country. However, if your travel plans have been disrupted by the recent travel warnings, there are still plenty of glacier adventures to be had! Check out some of our popular tours below if you’re looking for ideas for your next glacial adventure!

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