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Vad Händer i Reykjavík?

Hej Alihopa!

What’s On Iceland very pleased to announce that we have launched a Swedish language website: Vad Händer i Reykjavik? Here we will cover Icelandic travel, culture, nature and history as we always have, but in Swedish. The site will feature translations of some of our most popular articles, which apply to everyone, as well as original material specific to Sweden and Swedish speakers.


What’s the Difference?

Now I know what you’re thinking: Aren’t Swedish and Icelandic basically the same? And no. No, it’s not. Especially not if you ask most Swedes – Icelanders are more used to hearing Swedish than most Swedish people hear Icelandic. The languages are closely related, both stemming from old Norse, but the pronunciation has changed quite a bit over the last 1.000 years. Icelandic is closer to the original since Sweden’s position on the mainland of Europe exposed it to more influences from other languages. But both have changed considerably from old Norse.

On the Website and Beyond…

The Swedish-language website features the same kinds of information as its English Language counterpart, including information about tours, in-depth articles and an event calendar.

Additionally, our Swedish clients will also be able to receive assistance and advice in Swedish, by email, from some agents on LiveChat, and soon by telephone. As on our English-language website, we encourage everyone to contact us with questions, since even if you don’t find the answer or tour you’re looking for online, we can usually find it for you. Now this service will be available in Swedish as well!

So if you speak/read Swedish, head on over to and tell all your Swedish friends about it. If you’re not Swedish, we recommend sticking to the English-language website.

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