Food and Drink in Reykjavik

Our recommendations for food and drink in Reykjavik.

73 Restaurant - Food Reykjavik, Iceland.

73 Restaurant

Offering a great selection of Icelandic brews and one of the most Epic Burgers this country has ever seen (300gr!), 73, a family-owned and operated restaurant is the place to go for those seeking great food at good prices. Take note that the outdoor seating area is a special treat!

Laugavegur 73, Reykjavik
555 7373 |

Argentína Steakhouse

Argentína Steakhouse

They offer some of the the finest cuisine there is to find in the whole city. Grilling meat and fish of all kinds Argentinian style using wooden coal is what they do better than any other restaurant and frankly, you won‘t believe your own tastebuds

Barónsstígur 11a, Reykjavik
551-9555 |


Hard Rock

Hard Rock Café really doesn‘t need any introduction! You can get the food, drinks, and music you know and love at their recently opened three story restaurant/bar/shop in the heart of the city centre. Their cellar even doubles as a concert venue, so get ready to enjoy yourself!

Lækjargata 2a, Reykjavik
5600 800 |



Bryggjan is not just a restaurant where you can get fresh Icelandic seafood overlooking the old harbour, it also doubles as a brewery. For beer enthusiasts, Bryggjan also offers an evening of beer school, where you can learn all about the beer and how it’s made, while tasting it with the appropriate courses.

Grandagarður 8, Reykjavík
456-4040 |


Fish and Chips vagninn

The spices used to season the food at Austur-Indiafjelagid are imported directly from India and blended on the spot by their team of highly experienced chefs. The Tandoori dishes on the menu must be mentioned, as the chefs have truly mastered the art of Tandoori grilling.

Between the Reykjavík Maritime Museum and Reykjavík Marina Hotel
840-4100 |

Fish Company

Fish Company

Quality, fusion and fun are the Fish Company’s main characteristics. The interior is stylish and the quirky tableware fits in wonderfully. The menu is a world of adventures from starters to deserts. It’s designed to take you on a seafood journey and not only a journey of the Icelandic culinary waters but a trip around the world.

Vesturgata 2a, Reykjavik
552-5300 |



What’s the only thing that’s better than a feast of Icelandic langoustine? A feast of Icelandic langoustine in a charming restaurant by the seaside in a tiny, picturesque fishing village. Their langoustine soup alone is well worth the 45-minute drive from the city.

Fjöruborðið Eyrarbraut 3 A Stokkseyri
483-1550 |


Fljótt og Gott

Fljott og Gott (Fast and Tasty) restaurant is well known to all Icelanders, if not only for the fact that it’s over 50 years old, making it one of the oldest restaurants in Iceland.

Vatnsmýrarvegur 10, Reykjavik
552-1288 |



Tasty tapas with an Icelandic twist. With a new spin on traditional Icelandic cuisine and an extensive selection of local beer, Forréttabarinn – “The Starters Bar” – is worth seeking out when you need a bite to eat or a place to start your night out in Reykjavík. Whatever you choose from the refreshingly creative menu, you’re in for a treat!

Nýlendugata 14, Reykjavík
517-1800 |



Located inside Listhusid in Laugardalur valley, Glo is Iceland‘s hottest new organic restaurant. The menu consists of vegetarian- and raw food courses, meat dishes, soups and salads. The courses are somewhat modest as they are simple, filling and not flooded with too much spice or ingredients.

Laugavegur 20b, Reykjavik
553-1111 |



A fun restaurant, with the look and feel of an American Diner. Reasonably priced, offering delicious food and a very good service, you‘ll definitely get great value for your money here. They put a special emphasis on using only high quality ingredients, making for a terrific meal.

Tryggvagata 20, Reykjavik
527-5000 |



A dinner at our award-winning signature restaurant, Grillið, is one you won’t forget. The famed Grillið, newly renovated in its original unique design, is one of the city´s best located panoramic viewpoints. While you enjoy the view, we will prepare your gourmet meal from extraordinary Icelandic ingredients. Our award-winning chefs demonstrate Grillið’s top quality. Head Chef Atli Thor Erlendsson was voted Iceland’s Chef of the Year 2015 and Executive Chef Sigurður Helgason placed 8th in the world-renowned Bocuse d’Or competition in Lyon, France, in 2015.

Radisson BLU Hotel, Reykjavik
525-9960 |


Hamborgarabúllan – Burger Joint

Since 2004, the Joint has kept it simple, fun and delicious. Sitting right by the Old Harbour, in a small, iconic house, the atmosphere of the Burger Joint is hard to find elsewhere. You can feel the joy of the staff, as they serve you juicy burgers, exploding with great taste.

Geirsgata 1, Reykjavik
511-1888 |



Hlölli has been serving up delicious subs, with his secret-ingredient sauce, for more than 30 years. Whether you’re in the mood for a lunch on your way about town or a late night snack after a night of dancing in the Reykjavík clubs, Hlöllabátar is the way to go. The bread is baked fresh every day and topped with fresh Icelandic ingredients.

Ingólfstorgi, Reykjavik
511-3500 |


The Icelandic Bar

The Icelandic Bar is very aptly named: it is an Icelandic bar. But more than that, it is a bar that aims to preserve the essence of being Icelandic by combining the historical and cultural heritage of this ancient land with the very hip and cutting edge culture of modern times.

Ingólfsstræti 1a, Reykjavík
517+6767 |


Icelandic Fish & Chips

This is not your run of the mill fish and chip shop! Not only does the restaurant use the freshest fish and ingredients, they serve their fish with delicious skyr-based sauces,.This fast-food upgrade is much more nutritious than you‘d think! After eating, we recommend visiting the Volcano House, it‘s in the same building!

Tryggvagata 11, Reykjavik
511 11 18 |

Jómfrúin, Reykjavik, Iceland


An open-sandwich restaurant in the Danish tradition offering authentic Danish smørrebrød along with a selection of hot dishes. The restaurant is located in the heart of the city centre and seats 80 guests. It is a popular lunch venue, especially with people from the business sector.

Lækjargata 4, Reykjavik
551-0100 |



A chain of cafés and espresso bars with over 30 years of experience in serving and roasting high-quality coffee. They operate cafés in 8 locations in Iceland, promising a highly knowledgeable staff and a great cup of coffee procured in a responsible and fair way.

Bankastræti 8, Reykjavik
420-2700 |


Kitchen and Wine

Situated inside the stylish 101 hotel downtown, Kitchen and Wine is a luxurious bistro with a relaxed atmosphere. The cuisine is seasonal and focuses on simplicity and finesse. The cocktails are also excellent!

Hverfisgata 10, Reykjavik
580-0103 |


Kjallarinn – Kitchen Bar

„The Cellar“ a new restaurant in one of the cities oldest houses. The menu is split up by the two main methods of cooking, a coal oven and a French planche. Master chef Eyjólfur Gestur serves up exciting feasts from both sea and land as well as great parings of food and cocktails.

Aðalstræti 2, Reykjavik
517 7373



Kol describes itself as “casual fine dining with a big bar”. The name comes from the unique charcoal oven which lends a very special, rustic flavour to the dishes. The restaurant offers a wide variety of sophisticated cocktails, mixed with handmade syrups and juices.

Skólavörðustígur 40, Reykjavik
517-7474 |



Harpa is not only home to the Icelandic Opera and the Orchestra, it is also the location of one of Reykjavik‘s newest fine restaurants. The kitchen is in the middle of the room, where the fiery furnace gives the dinner guests a warm welcome. An ideal choice for people who appreciate fine cuisine combined with unique architecture and elegant atmosphere.

Harpa, Reykjavik
519-9700 |



Kopar is a restaurant by the old harbour in Reykjavik which has an emphasis on adventure and experience in a brasserie setting. Their menu is composed of various locally sourced ingredients from sea and land, and aims to give you a taste of Iceland in a single evening.

Geirsgata 3, Reykjavik
567-2700 |



Krúska serves delicious, nutritious meals, both for people on the go and those who want to linger over their vegan, fish, vegetarian or chicken dishes. Everything is made right in their own kitchen from first class ingredients with no additives or preservatives. Krúska also serves coffee and cakes.

Suðurlandsbraut 12, Reykjavik
557-5880 |



Laekjarbrekka is a renowned Icelandic restaurant located in a house in central Reykjavik that is one of the oldest houses in the city. It has a rich and interesting history.

Bankastræti 2, Reykjavik
551-4430 |


Mar – Seafood Restaurant

A restaurant in prime location in Reykjavík‘s old harbour. The menu is inspired by South-American and southern-European cuisine and the restaurant designed to deliver fresh and uplifting dining experience, unique to the harbour area. MAR is an interesting choice for individuals and groups alike.

Geirsgata 9, Reykjavik
519-5050 |



For the finest in dining, nothing compares to Perlan Restaurant. While your taste buds delight to superb cuisine, you will enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of Reykjavik and beyond as the restaurant gently completes a full rotation every two hours.

Perlan, Reykjavik
562-0200 |



Hot dogs are the perfect fast food. They’re quick, portable and they taste great!. The classic Icelandic hot dog with all the fixings, raw and fried onions, ketchup, remoulade and mustard is of course available here, but they also offer more adventurous “dogs”, like chilli dogs and a French hot dog. If you’re not in the mood for a hot dog, they also serve ice cream!

Ingólfstorgi, Reykjavik


Restaurant Reykjavik

Wander downtown, near the harbour, and you cannot miss the distinctive yellow frontage of Restaurant Reykjavík. Bright and sunny, it’s a great spot to eat, drink, and watch the world go by.

Vesturgata 2, Reykjavik
552-3030 |



Sjávarbarinn’s main feature is an all-you-can-eat buffet that has received raving reviews and it also offers an à la carte menu at a very competitive price. Join the locals for lunch in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere or enjoy dinner when the chef spruces things up.

Grandagarður 9, Reykjavik
517-3131 |



Seafood Grill is a seafood restaurant. Their main objective is to give the customer a deluxe traditional Icelandic food experience, whether they may crave seafood delicacies or quality meat.

Skólavörðustígur 14, Reykjavik
571-1100 |



Not only does Smurstöðin have some of Reykjavík’s best new Nordic smørrebrød, it also has the added bonus of being inside the stunning Harpa concert hall. The delicious, beautifully decorated open-faced sandwiches are best washed down with an icy glass of the house-made schnapps.

Harpa, Austurbakki 2, Reykjavik
519-9750 |



A new restaurant in Iceland situated at Odinstorg. Snaps is a classic french bistro using local Icelandic ingredients. The location could not be better. Snaps is literally a few steps away from downtown Reykjavik, close to the National Theatre, The National Gallery of Iceland and the two main shopping streets of Reykjavik”

Óðinstorg, Reykjavik
511-6677 |

The Steak House

The Steak House

A new restaurant opposite the old harbour that offers traditional steak dishes along with some exciting and fairly unorthodox choices. The pride and joy of The Steakhouse is the Mibrasa charcoal oven, a rare oven that is designed to cook the perfect steak by mixing modern technology with ancient tradition.

Tryggvagata 4-6, Reykjavik
561-1111 |



Lobster dishes are the main focus on the menu but there is a lot more to choose from. The starters are fresh and exciting, for example the whale tataki with ginger jelly, soya and sesam vinagrette, and the carpaccio of horse with lobster, wild mushrooms and foie gras.

Amtmannsstígur 1, Reykjavik
561-3303 |


Uno Restaurant

Uno is a relatively new, modern Italian restaurant in downtown Reykjavik, where original Italian culinary customs and Icelandic ingredients come together to form a delightful treat.

Hafnarstræti 1-3, Reykjavik


Vegamót Bistró

Is a centrally located and affordable restaurant that boasts an extensive international menu with an emphasis on Tex-Mex, Italian, Indian and many light meal options. During the weekend Vegamót transforms into a bar with refreshing cocktails, a wide selection of beers and popular DJ’s playing well into the night.

Vegamótastígur 4, Reykjavik
511-3040 |


The Viking Village

The Viking Village is the ultimate authentic viking experience. Between the Viking Hotel, the Seaside Tavern, the Valhalla dining hall like you have stepped into the 12th century AD.

Strandgata 55, Hafnafjörður
565-1213 |