Shopping and Style in Reykjavik

Our recommendations for shopping and style in Reykjavik.

Anna María Design

For over twenty years, jewelry designer Anna Maria has created her things of gold and silver, a design that is both pure and timeless. Exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship create the elegant simplicity that shines through Anna Maria’s products.

Skólavörðustígur 3, Reykjavik
551-0036 |


One of Iceland’s major woollen industry shops, the Álafoss store. Situated in old factory premises that for decades were the leading manufacturers and exporters of Icelandic woollens, Álafoss is a company that strives towards offering the newest wares along with the traditional Icelandic wool sweaters.

Laugavegur 8, Reykjavik
566-6303 |


Nowhere in the populated world does the weather change as fast, or as often as here. Thus Icelandic designers have to meet the requirements of consumers who have to go out all year long in harsh conditions. That‘s where the label Cintamani comes to the rescue. Their goal is to keep us warm, dry and comfortable, whatever the weather may bring.

Bankastræti 7, Reykjavik
533-3800 |


Their main goal has been to increase Icelanders interest and respect for fine design by introducing and providing top quality design products from all over the world, particularly Scandinavia. Epal has always been very supportive of Icelandic designers and done what they can to help them promote their design around the world.

Skeifan 6 & Harpa, Reykjavik
and Keflavík Airport
568-7740 |

Gallerí Smíðar og Skart | Shopping and Style in Reykjavik

Gallery Smíðar og Skart offers a wide selection of contemporary Icelandic art. Oil paintings, acrylic paintings, watercolors as well as ceramics and glass art. Over 50 local artists have their work on display in the Gallery.

Skólavörðustígur 16a, Reykjavik


Rustic, vintage interior, intertwined with the latest fashion in outdoor and woolen clothing. Add some puffin, reindeers and other iconic animals and you‘ve got one of the coolest shops in town. This is one place you‘ll have to visit, if only for the experience.

Skólavörðustíg 16, Reykjavík
519-6000 |

Gullkúnst Helgu

With its wide open spaces and beautiful treasures displayed in glass casting, Gullkúnst Helgu feels more like a gallery than a jewelry shop. Located on central Laugavegur, Reykjavik´s busiest shopping street, this family owned shop is not to be missed.

Laugavegur 13, Reykjavik
561-6660 |


Renowned for its excellent products and quality. Offering the widest selection of traditional hand knitted Icelandic sweaters, the range of products also includes special designs and a variety of woolen products from leading Icelandic manufactures.

Skólavörðustígur 19, Reykjavik
552-1890 |

Hildur Hafstein Workshop

A wonderful little workshop, where Hildur Hafstein creates her hand-made Icelandic jewelry line, KORA. Inspired by different elements, such as Buddhism and the flower power, a visit to Hildur Hafstein will be a pleasant experience. Although the store is technically on Laugavegur, you walk in from Klapparstígur!

Austurstræti 6, Reykjavik
847-9084 | On Facebook


Loved by parents and children alike and praised in the media for boldness and creativity, Ígló&Indí has offered both parents and children an ever growing collection of clothes with a fresh take on children’s fashion since 2008—representing the best childhood has to offer.

Skólavörðustígur 2, Reykjavik
445-2020 |


Natural light floods the wooden floors and the fresh white walls of this stunning design hub and retail outlet, which already attracts some of Iceland´s top talents. More than 70 designers are contributing to a huge selection of products that include children’s puzzles, fish skin lamps and exquisite jewellery.

Aðalstræti 10, Reykjavik
517-7797 |


Kringlan Shopping Centre is conveniently located close to downtown Reykjavik. Standing at 50.000 sq.m. and equipped with 150 shops and services, including a multiplex cinema, a seven-outlet food court and three themed restaurants, it has something to suit every need.

Kringlan 4-12, Reykjavik
517-9000 |


Six energetic women design and create exclusive art, while also running and working in the gallery. The gallery offers gift vouchers, issued by the store or by the Centrum organization that can be redeemed within most shops on Laugarvegur and Skólavörðustígur in downtown Reykjavik.

Skólavörðustígur 17b, Reykjavik


The oldest ceramic workshop in Iceland established 1927. Three generations of artistic potters.  Unique handmade ceramics, Viking masks and various ceramic potteries decorated with lava, made by Gudmundur Einarsson. Located right next to Hallgrímskirkja and the statue of “Leif the Lucky”.

Skólavörðustígur 43, Reykjavik
551-2850 |

Little Christmas Shop

On Laugavegur, in the heart of Reykjavík, you’ll find the very unique Little Christmas Shop—which is dedicated to the spirit of Christmas, all year round. There you’ll find Icelandic decorations and everything needed for that festive spirit. Should not be missed as it is definitely one of the most special and fun stores to visit.

Laugavegur 8, Reykjavik


The jewellery forms which Metal design is known for are inspired by the Icelandic flora.  But what stands out the most is the shape “The Coast” that is inspired by the waves of the Icelandic coast.”The coast silver jewellery line is for ladies and gentlemen.

Skólavörðustígur 2. Reykjavik
552-5445 |


Inside their spacious shop in downtown Reykjavik, Michelsen Watchmakers offer you to browse one of Iceland’s best selection of watches. Along with their own design they also have a wide selection of well-known brands including Rolex, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Diesel, Movado, Swiss Military and more.

Laugavegur 15, Reykjavik
511-1900 |

Studio Stafn

At Studio Stafn you will be able to look at art, purchase art and have your art framed! Great works and historical paintings by Iceland’s most famous artists could become all yours if you pay them a visit. If you’re not looking to buy art, at least stop by and take a look.

Ingólfsstræti 6, Reykjavik
552-4700 |


At Fjallakofinn you can find top quality clothing and good equipment at a fair price. They offer good advise on all backpacking and outdoor related things and offer basic things like backpacks, sleeping bags and tents for rent. A licensed retailer of many big brands, you’ll find everything for your outdoor needs.

Laugavegur 11, Reykjavik
510-9505 |