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Sky Lagoon

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sky Lagoon

On just a ten-minute drive away from Reykjavík, you’ll find Iceland’s newest retreat, Sky Lagoon. Located at the edge of the bay of Kópavogur, the pool offers amazing coastal views. Sky Lagoon boasts a modern approach to traditional Icelandic swimming culture, making it the perfect spot to relax, enjoy a drink, socialise, and soak in the sun.

Sky Lagoon
Photo: Sky Lagoon by Pursuit

You’ll love the modern-meets-traditional design

The turf-house-inspired architecture is Sky Lagoon’s first outstanding feature. Building houses with turf was the traditional form of architecture in Iceland, used by both the rich and the poor. This traditional architecture was implemented for more than 1,000 years. Icelanders used to live in turf houses from the age of settlement till mid-20th century.

Sky Lagoon honours this Icelandic tradition by using a herringbone pattern made from turf at their entrance. They also use turf-house-inspired architecture for their sauna and steam rooms.

Mixed in with these traditional styles are more modern elements. Following the trend of Scandinavian design, the lagoon promotes a minimal and natural style. With greys, greens, and creams, the colours mirror the landscape, which is enhanced by the use of natural materials like rocks and wood.


Sky Lagoon
Photo: Sky Lagoon by Pursuit

You can brag on Instagram

Do you want to make all your followers jealous by posting the most amazing selfies to Instagram? This spa has so many good angles and viewpoints that we can’t name them all, but we will give you a few options.

To start with, the entrance to the lagoon is gorgeous… as you literally enter through a gorge! It’s a spectacular way to enter a pool, and it is very photogenic.

After swimming through the canyon, you reach Sky Lagoon’s 75m infinity pool. This is the perfect spot for a selfie, hanging on the edge of the pool against the backdrop of the North Atlantic. Most people in the pool are sipping champagne, laughing, and taking selfies just like you, so it is easy to blend in.

If you go while Fagradalsfjall volcano is active, you can easily see the plume from the volcano from the infinity pool, so with the right angle, you can take a volcano selfie straight from the water!

Last but not least, the infinity pool boasts an actual waterfall, and of course, this is perfect for a snapshot.

Photo: Sky Lagoon by Pursuit


The Ritual will revitalise your senses

Everything at Sky Lagoon is built around “The Ritual,” a seven-step process to revitalise your senses and achieve utter relaxation. The seven steps are: lagoon, cold plunge, sauna, cold mist, body scrub, steam, and shower & back into the lagoon.

First, you step into the warm lagoon and take in the beautiful environment. Then, you walk out of the pool to the cold bath and take a plunge – 10 second is enough. If this sounds like too much for you, just standing in the cool breeze will do wonders as well.

After this, you make your way to the black-and-green turf houses where steps three to six take place. The third step of The Ritual is going to the sauna. And this sauna is the most beautiful sauna of Iceland! It has a huge window offering a breathtaking ocean view, and it’s the perfect place to just sit and relax.

Step four is a slow walk through cold mist to cool down and step five is our personal favourite: the Sky Body Scrub. It smells delicious and makes your skin feel silky smooth. And you can take this part of The Ritual home with you, because it is available for purchase at the Sky Lagoon shop.

Then, you enter the steam room, with the scrub still on (the sixth step). Inhale the steam and let the scrub hydrate your skin. After this, the seventh step is to take a shower, wash the scrub off, and go back into the lagoon, completely renewed.


Photo: Sky Lagoon by Pursuit

There’s food and drink, too!

At Sky Lagoon, you have several options to refuel during and after relaxing in the pool. In the infinity pool, you will find a swim-up bar which fits perfectly into the overall design, with an overhanging rock structure. There, you can order wine, champagne, Icelandic beer or other local drink, sodas or just get a huge glass of cold water.

After you’re done bathing, you can have a hearty and light meal at Sky Café. They offer sandwiches, soups, and local specialties in a casual and cosy setting.

Or head to Smakk Bar, where five unique taste plates made with local and seasonal ingredients are on offer.

Photo: Sky Lagoon by Pursuit


It’s easy to add into any itinerary

Located close to Reykjavík, Sky Lagoon can easily be fitted into any itinerary. At the start of your trip, it can be the perfect way to revitalise your senses after a long flight, and at the end of your trip, relaxing in the geothermal waters is the perfect goodbye to Iceland!

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