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Volcano site at Meradalir closed Tomorrow, Wednesday 16

Rain and high winds expected

The volcano eruption site at Meradalir on Iceland’s Reykjanes peninsula will be closed tomorrow, Wednesday,  due to weather.

The Icelandic Met Office has issued a yellow weather alert for the Reykjanes peninsula tomorrow, where considerable rainfall and gale-force winds are expected. Wind gusts in the area could reach speeds of 30 metres per second. Milder conditions are expected again on Thursday.


Decreased Lava flow

The rate of lava flow at the eruption has decreased significantly since it began on August 3, according to the latest measurements published by the University of Iceland’s Earth Sciences Institute. While the flow rate measured 11 cubic metres per second between August 4-13, the average flow between Saturday and Monday was much lower, 3-4 cubic metres per second.

Is it stopping, or just slowing? Only time will tell. However, the reduction ease concerns that the volcano was about to destroy the nearby coastal road.  

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