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Back to the Future: welcome back, Marty!

Welcome Back Marty – Back to the Future!!!

Back to the Future: welcome back, Marty!

The day Marty McFly arrived at in Back to the Future II is coming up soon!! There have been countless hoaxes and viral images with the date photoshopped, but October 21st is the real day!

Welcome back to the Future!

The silly sci-fi comedy featured cyborgs, self-lacing shoes and unlimited, self-generating food supplies.

Meanwhile, in the real world, we’ve come up with the internet, we’ve all but found a cure for HIV, sent a probe to Mars and Amazon is considering unmanned-drone delivery.

Back to the future hoax
Spot the difference...What's wrong with this picture?

But the real question on everyone’s mind is: where are our FREAKIN’ hoverboards already?!?

Well, first of all, settle down. The world doesn’t OWE you a hoverboard. Why haven’t YOU invented one yet?

Secondly, though valiant efforts have been made over the last two decades to make Robert Zemeckis’ fever dreams come true, the results have been…. well, less than satisfying.

But then this champion came up with a brilliant idea – just stand on a drone!


Which I GUESS is kind of like a hoverboard, but it still feels like cheating, somehow.

Well ok, so a hoverboard isn’t happening. What about Flying Cars?

So I know this will shock many of you: but real physics is quite a lot more complicated than 80’s special effects lead us to believe. Here is one of the closer things to a flying car:

But as you can see, it’s a long way off. Also you’ll notice that it’s PRETTY LAME.




This looks pretty cool though – a prototype hover bike!

So I guess that’s about half way there…?

Well, alright, that seems pretty fair. But can I at least get swallowed by a shark then?

3D Movies have been around as long as movies have been a thing. But Back to the Future got us all wondering about REAL 3D. HOLOGRAMS. What’s the deal with that?

Well 3D has been making a comeback lately with new digital cameras, in movies such as Avatar and the Hobbit. But basically it’s a fancier version of the old technology.

Still, we have high hopes for the Oculus rift:

(though that video game seems pretty lame…)

At first glance, the HoloLens seems to have cracked it, but on closer inspection you also need special glasses to see that, so it’s more headset, less hologram. Still, not bad, all things considered.

What will you be doing when Marty McFly comes back?

Speaking of movies, Bíó Paradís is showing all 3 ‘Back to the Future’ films back-to-back on October 21st, so there’s something to look forward to if you’re in town…


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