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Whale Safari

Whale Safari: Up Close to Big Animals in a Little Boat!

Whale Safari

One sunny day in July I went whale watching on a RIB boat. Watching whales in a RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) is different from going in a bigger boat: first of all you can get much closer to the whales on such a small boat, and secondly it goes much faster than bigger boats, so if you see a whale you can get close to him in just a minute.

I had a lovely time out on the sea, the weather was great, still and quiet, and the landscape was amazing; the water clear as glass and smooth like a mirror, and the visibility was great so the mountains were visible across the bay. We saw puffins out on Akurey, a small island that’s protected so it’s only available for birds and their nests.

Whale Safari

The trip took two hours, although it’s supposed to take about 1 – 1 ½ hour (I guess the company took its time for us!). It took some time to find the whales but after a bit we saw a minke whale, showing its top. I’ve never seen a whale before, it was so beautiful!  A little bit later we heard that there was a humpback whale nearby so we headed further out where it was, spraying water from it’s back. It didn’t show its tail, (called the “fluke”), but it was beautiful enough.

After a while we headed back to the shore and on the way we saw three more minke whales, one time two showing their heads at the same time. Like a couple!

Whale Safari

I would definitely recommend whale watching, especially on a sunny day when the weather is still. Even if you didn’t see any whales, starting the day off on a boat will be great enough. And the cute little puffins are worth seeing too!

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