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The Wonderful Feel of Last Minute Christmas Stress

The What’s On December 2014 Checklist

The Wonderful Feel of Last Minute Christmas Stress

It’s December, which means Christmas. We’ll try not to get too fixated on that though, as the month is long – and really, Christmas is only a small, while significant, part of it.

As ever, we encourage you to tag your photos using #WhatsOnRvk, as proof that you’ve done those things you’re bound to be boasting of!

Check out the December 2014 issue of What’s On Magazine here.

The Top 10 Things To-Do in December

  • Attend an Icelandic Christmas Buffet – it’s an experience
  • Try out the What’s On Christmas Cocktails!
  • Attend a New Year’s Eve Bonfire!
  • Have some Malt & Appelsín
  • Hug an Icelandic Santa Clause
  • Roll in the snow, assuming there’s snow…otherwise just roll happily
  • Attend an Icelandic Christmas Concert
  • Light a firework!
  • Have a Ginger Bread Christmas Ice Cream!
  • Catch the Northern Lights

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