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The What’s On July 2014 Checklist


You’re in Iceland – now go enjoy Iceland! Here is a list of things we think you should do this month! Tag your photos with #WhatsOnRVK as you check items off the list and stop by at the What’s On House with final proof that you’ve done ‘em all! Have fun!

Check out the July issue of What’s On Magazine here.

The Top 10 To-Do in July

  • Take a cheeky selfie at Gullfoss!
  • See the sunrise before 03:00 am!
  • Taste something uniquely Icelandic!
  • Listen to live Icelandic music!
  • Visit a local swimming pool!
  • Touch a glacier!
  • Be a Viking and have ice cream in the rain!
  • Take a footbath at Grótta Lighthouse!
  • Buy wool and knit yourself a sweater!
  • Visit one of Reykjavik’s museums!

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