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July in Reykjavik

What’s On in July in Reykjavik

What’s On in July in Reykjavik

What's On in July in ReykjavikJuly is the height of summer in Iceland, with round-the-clock daylight and sweltering heat of up to 25°C (77 F). It’s when Icelanders throw on shorts and t-shirts (regardless of weather – it’s the principle of the matter!) and roam the countryside. That is, unless they stay in town and party till the sun goes down. Which it doesn’t in July. Which explains a lot.

Between the Museum Day on the 13th of July, the amazing nature, the Viking Festival, the International Organ Summer in Hallgrímskirkja church, the Icelandic Circus program and the various upcoming concerts and music festivals, there’s a lot to see in and around Reykjavik this month.

As you travel in Reykjavík and Iceland, don’t miss out on our #HASHTAG – just tag your instagram pictures with #WhatsOnRvk and we’ll select the best few every month to publish. See our favorites from last month on pages 12-13 and check out our webpage,, to see if we include your pics in our next issue!

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