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Beautiful sunset vista with snowmobiles on Langjokull glacier in Iceland - Express Activity Snowmobile Tour

What’s On March Checklist

March is the month to visit Iceland for people who want to have it all! “All”, in this case, means the chance to see the northern lights but still have more than four hours of daylight for looking at other things.

  • Have a taste of salt-cured lamb and split-pea soup, a traditional treat on Shrove Tuesday.
  • Go skiing! The Bláfjöll resort is only a 25-minutes drive from the city centre.
  • Find a dark spot to enjoy the northern lights.
  • Chat to the locals in a hot tub in one of the city’s many spa-like swimming pools.
  • Try snowmobiling across a glacier!
  • Visit the city’s Maritime Museum and find out what the Cod Wars were all about.
  • Get out of the city and explore the waterfalls and wonders of the South Coast!
  • Learn how to knit with Icelandic wool!
  • …in case that doesn’t work out, get a woollen hat or a traditional lopapeysa sweater to take back home.

While you’re checking things off the list, snap some photos and tag us on Instagram #whatsonrvk

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