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Ásdís has finally become a minor celebrity in Slovenia

What’s On SLOVENIA?!? We’re taking over – today Ljubljana, tomorrow the world!!

What's On Slovenia
I know what you're thinking, and no: the map is not to scale.

Last summer, a reporter from television station RTV 4 in Slovenia came by the What’s On office and interviewed two of our staff, Ásdís and Styrmir, for a travel show back home. Now they’ve sent us the link to the episode, and it’s really fun to see!

We of course have no idea what the narrator is saying for the most part, but we hope it’s nice things!

After 17 minutes of things that aren’t Iceland, we see Hallgrímskirkja church, Laugavegur high street, and then there are our friends standing by our familiar giant Iceland map in front of the office.

The Beauty of Iceland

Ásdís has finally become a minor celebrity in Slovenia
Ásdís: "I've finally become a celebrity in Slovenia"

“Iceland is a very good destination for tourists, because of our beautiful nature. You get the opportunity to be alone in the nature and get some peace. There’s a lot of tours available: glacier walks, you can even go paragliding, you can go whale watching, check for birds… there are a lot of things to do.”

Northern lights and … northern lights

What's On on Slovenian TV
Google Translate tells us the subtitles read "Winter is coming..."

Well it depends on the season – it’s different people coming in the winter than the summer. In winter people come to see the northern lights.. it’s just magical.

And there are more families coming in the summer. It’s so nice to drive around the island and go camping… In the winter there are more couples and younger people, going on superjeeps where you go up on a glacier and see the northern lights from there..

We then move on and see the Maritime museum, Life of Whales museum and other interesting things that aren’t What’s On…

Watch the whole video on their homepage. Following our raging success in the world of television, we will of course be opening a new website called “what’s on Slovenia”, so keep your eyes peeled for that.


( …ok no we won’t be starting a website called that any time soon. But you never know what the future might hold).


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