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What’s On September is Right Here, Right Now!

Fall is coming and with it September. Here is the the September issue of What’s On in Reykjavík magazine, fresh from the printers.


On the Cover

September in Iceland

By Gréta Sigríður Einarsdóttir

A shift in the seasons is always refreshing. Somehow, despite how excited I am for summer every year, I always breathe a little sigh of relief when the leaves start changing colour and you start to feel the need to brush the dust off your warm clothes. Because the Icelandic summer is so short, you always have this immense internal pressure to enjoy every single ray of sunshine that hits this subarctic island. Don’t get me wrong, you need to get your fix of vitamin D before the sun leaves for the winter, but when autumn arrives, I’m feeling ready to jump on the sofa with a blanket and a book and I’m not getting up until April.

Speaking of good books, Reykjavík is host to the Reykjavík International Literary Festival this September. For a nation that prides itself on its literary heritage, the festival is a big deal and I highly recommend checking out some of the events of the festival. If books just aren’t your thing, there’s also the Reykjavík International Film Festival later this month. The festival focuses on up-and-coming directors and this year, Finnish movies will take the spotlight. For more information on the festival as well as recommendations on which Icelandic films to check out while you’re here, just keep on reading.

So, I’m happy to spend this September reading and watching movies, just don’t remind me I said so next March.


September Checklist

There are loads of things to do for entertainment in Reykjavik this month! Here are a few “must-do’s” you can try out. While you’re checking things off the list, we encourage you to take photos, and tag them with #whatsonrvk, of course!

  • Go see the Northern Lights. They’re back!
  • Check out the Icelandic National Museum, see some ancient viking swords, intricately made costumes, and find out how this tiny island was settled.
  • Take a walk around any one of our wonderful parks. The fall colours are exceptionally pretty this time of year (duh)!
  • Go Swimming! Iceland’s geothermally heated swimming pools are a luxurious experience.
  • It’s the peak of harvest season so Icelandic products are at their very best. Get some delicious Icelandic lamb, served with tasty Icelandic potatoes.
  • Go berry picking! We’ve got sweet blueberries and juicy crowberries, ripe for picking in countless spots around the city.
  • Eat some ice cream in the windy rain. In Iceland, every day is ice cream day!
  • Go see a film or a hundred at this year’s Reykjavík International Film Festival.

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