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What‘s On Loves Iceland Airwaves

Ahh tis the season. Iceland Airwaves is upon us. The city roars with music, action and overall good vibes.

The What‘s On team will of course be roaming the streets looking for the best gigs around, providing our readers with valuable information about where they can be found. We‘ve already been warming up the past few weeks with our own festival guide.

Here‘s the short day for day guide:

Wednesday is the Icelandic day, where lesser well known local bands get the big stage. Check out the Record Records showcase in Gamla bíó to discover the best new things in Icelandic music.


Here the festival has started for real. You‘ll be able to pick up some good international bands plus major Icelandic ones. We‘re probably going to be jumping between Harpa, Gamla bíó and the Reykjavik Art Museum. Who knows what we‘ll find!


The first official party night. This one‘s going to be massive The only thing certain about Friday night is that we‘re not going to miss FM Belfast!


Here we have the biggest bands playing but also the biggest conflicts in schedule. Pro tip from our team, pick a venue and stay there. You‘ll miss something good but you‘ll also not stand in line for the whole night.

As stated before we‘re going to be covering the festival so follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And definetly join in on the fun by usin the hashtag #whatsonrvk.

See you on the dancefloor!

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