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iceland photography instagram

#WhatsOnRVK: Our Instagram Favorites of August

So you’re in Iceland, taking in the sights and everything else this magnificent country has to offer. Why not share it with the world? 

Tag your photos #WhatsOnRvk and you might be featured in our magazine next month! 

Cover photo: @paul_oostveen

iceland waterfall

We, too, like to have personal moments under hidden waterfalls. Don’t you?

harpa iceland

Harpa, the Reykjavík city opera house, takes its geometrical inspiration from the landscape and minerals of Iceland. It also happens to be a great place to stare pensively!

iceland horse instagram

Did you know that the Icelandic word for a baby horse is related to the English word? The word is “folald.” It’s almost like the two languages share a deep historical connection!

iceland highlands instagram photography

The highlands of Iceland are evergreen subjects of photography. We swear, every picture we see of the highlands, we discover another color we’ve never seen before!

iceland photography instagram

Just some aerial photography of a beautiful landscape, no big deal!

Svartifoss - Skaftafell waterfall iceland

Who doesn’t love a good basalt column and waterfall combo? In Iceland, they go together like harðfiskur and butter!

dc10 iceland south coast plane crash

Black sand, a desolate wreck, rusty metal. These are just a few of our favorite things!

iceland puffin

Either Rita has quite the lens, or someone got quite close to a sea cliff! We don’t recommend the latter, but this is quite of pic of Iceland’s favorite little seabird.

iceland volcano 2022

We also loved visiting the Meradalir eruption. Maybe we saw each other out there?

meradalir eruption photography

Aurora and volcanic fumes at night, presumably photographed by the thunder god himself. Does it get much more Icelandic than this? No, no it does not.

iceland highlands instagam photography

Iceland’s color palette was actually selected by the settlers, who had famously good taste.

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