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Luggage storage in Reykjavik

Where to Storage Your Luggage in Reykjavík?

If you’re planning a trip to Iceland, chances are you’ll be flying in and out of Keflavik International Airport, which is located about 50 km (31 miles) from the capital Reykjavik. There is a luggage storage facility at the airport with 26 lockers of three sizes, which we cover briefly below.

Many travellers ask for information about luggage storage options in Reykjavík. Below are some of the most reliable and accessible luggage storage options available in and around Reykjavik.

Luggage Lockers at BSÍ Reykjavík Bus Terminal

Located in the city centre, the Reykjavik Bus Terminal (BSÍ) is a transportation hub for bus tours and airport transfers. It also provides luggage lockers of various sizes for travellers to store their luggage. The lockers are accessible 24/7 and you can store your luggage for up to 24 hours. Prices vary based on locker size, and you can pay with card.

BSÍ Reykjavík Bus Terminal
BSÍ Reykjavík Bus Terminal

Other Luggage Storage Locations Downtown Reykjavík

In the car parks in Vesturgata 7 and Traðarkot, you can find 20 and 52 lockers respectively. In Vesturgata, they are located on level -1 and the opening hours are from 7-24. Maximum storage time is 30 days or 720 hours. The 20 lockers are of three sizes. In Traðarkot on Hverfisgata 20, the lockers are on two floors, levels -1A and -2A. The maximum storage time there is also 30 days and the 52 lockers come in three sizes. The opening hours are every day from 7-24.

Store Luggage at Laugardalslaug Swimming Pool

Laugardalslaug is the biggest and most popular swimming pool in Reykjavík, located in Laugardalur valley. The luggage storage can be accessed from the main entrance on ground level. It is accessible during the pool opening hours on weekdays from 6:30 to 22:00 and on weekends from 8:00 to 22:00. The pool is located right next to Reykjavik Campsite, roughly 4 km from downtown Reykjavík and around 2 km from Skarfabakki harbour cruise terminal.

The maximum storage time is 30 days and there are 12 lockers of two sizes.

Mjódd Bus Terminal

Mjódd bus terminal is located in Breiðholt, around 9 km from downtown Reykjavík. It has 14 lockers of two sizes and the maximum storage time is 30 days and there are 14 lockers of two sizes. Mjódd is where buses to Akureyri leave from and arrive (route 57). Mjódd also has a small shopping complex which has a vibe from the 80s, a little bit like travelling back in time to a different era, long before the tourism boom began in Iceland.

Keflavik Airport

If you prefer to store your luggage at the airport, Keflavik Airport has luggage storage facilities available in the terminal for international flights. The luggage storage facility is located on the ground floor of the terminal, and you can store your luggage for three days during high season (16 May to 14 September) and 30 days in low season (15 September to 15 May). Prices vary based on luggage size, and you can pay with cash or card.

Reykjavík Domestic Airport

From Reykjavík Domestic Airport, you can get flights to Akureyri and Húsavík in North Iceland, Ísafjörður and Bíldudalur in the Westfjords, Egilsstaðir and Hornafjörður in the East not to forget Westman Islands. The maximum storage time is 30 days and there are 12 lockers of two sizes. It opens 30 minutes before the first flight in the morning.

Luggage Storage at Reykjavik Hotels

Many hotels in Reykjavik offer luggage storage facilities for their guests. If you’re staying at a hotel, you can ask the front desk if they offer luggage storage. Some hotels may charge a fee, while others may offer it for free. This is a great option if you want to explore the city without lugging around your bags.

In conclusion, there are several reliable and accessible luggage storage options available in and around Reykjavik, whether you’re arriving or departing from Keflavik International Airport or exploring the city. These options provide travellers with flexibility and convenience, allowing them to enjoy their time in Reykjavik without the burden of bags.

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