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Who the Hell is Rick Astley?



Have you ever heard about Rick Astley? I hadn’t, until today. Apparently, he’s some famous musician who got known for his song ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ in 1987. I’ve been listening to it all day and I feel as though I can conquer the world. The music video really lets the song take flight with an over the top 80’s groove and divine dance moves.

So, Rick retired in 1993 after a great career, at the time when disco was dying. He then made a comeback in 2007 when his video to ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ became an internet meme known as “Rickrolling”. That’s when someone online will trick you into clicking a link to the video, while you think it’s something else. So in other words, the video went VIRAL.

And now, in the year of 2015, when any music genre is allowed, Rick Astley is coming to Iceland! On May 1st, he’ll be in the concert hall Harpa, moving and grooving people with his fantastic songs. Will he be dressed up as he was in his music video? Hopefully. We’ll just have to buy a ticket and see!

Check out the event on our Event Calendar!

Read our in-depth article about Rick Astley’s life and the phenomenon of the rick-roll: “Rick Astley; the Man Behind the Meme.”

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