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World Cup Team Iceland

How to Enjoy the World Cup When You Are in Iceland

Are you in Iceland during the World Cup? You better start practicing the Viking clap. Húh!

The Icelandic national men’s team is competing for the first time in the World Cup and everybody is very excited. And enthusiasm is growing, since the Icelandic team drew 1-1 against Argentina on June 16.

Iceland has two remaining matches in Group D, against Nigeria, and Croatia. Nigeria and Iceland will face-off on June 22 at 15:00 GMT. The grudge match between Iceland and Croatia, Iceland’s final group match, will take place June 26 at 18:00 GMT.

In this article, we will tell you the best places to watch games and the best ways to prepare for the World Cup when you are in Iceland.

Iceland Supporters World Cup

Go to Hljómskálagarður park or Ingólfstorg square

The City of Reykjavík has appointed two locations in the city where the World Cup is shown on big screens. Team Iceland’s games will be screened at Hljómskálagarður park while all other World Cup matches will be screened at Ingólfstorg square. Both spots are conveniently located in downtown Reykjavík. At Hljómskálagarður park, food stands, toilets, and play areas for children are set up during the screenings.


Buy a football jersey or Viking hat

In downtown Reykjavík, several shops have popped up that sell World Cup merchandise, and even in the local supermarkets you can find a lot of football-related stuff. For instance, stop by 101 Sport Reykjavík, located at Klapparstígur 40, for T-shirts, hats and more goodies to support the Icelandic team. Blend in with the locals!

World Cup Iceland Team

Have a drink at a sports bar

Ölver is the oldest sports bar in Reykjavík, opened in 1984. It’s located about 4.5 kilometres outside of the downtown area, so you are more likely to encounter local football fans here than in some of the bars downtown. In total they have 5 widescreens and 20 tv’s. Go there, grab a burger and a beer and enjoy the local vibe and a good game.

Sports Bar Ölver

Buy an exclusive World Cup watch

Don’t want to miss a second of any match? Then buy an exclusive World Cup watch.

The WOЯLD CUP MMXVIII Limited Edition by JS Watch co. Reykjavik, is created in celebration of Iceland’s men’s team qualifying for the World Cup. The silver numbers 1 to 11 represent the players on the pitch and number 12 is dedicated to the supporter. The minutes marked blue from 0 to 45 show the game time and the minutes marked red between 45 and 0 show half time.

The first thirty watches for this limited edition were reserved for the team members, but the rest is for sale.

World Cup Watch 2018
© JS Watch co. Reykjavik

Go to Bíó Paradís

Bíó Paradís is an art film cinema in downtown Reykjavík, but during the World Cup, they will show more than just movies. They will screen all matches played between June 14 and June 28, or the first stage matches. The entrance is free of charge and everybody is welcome to come watch.

The cinema has a bar that sells different drinks and snacks which you are allowed to take with you in the screening rooms. In the foyer a small booth is set up selling World Cup merchandise made by cartoonist Hugleikur Dagsson.

Bíó Paradís encourages people to bring their kids, as they will have free entrance to a kid’s movie in a different screening room.

World Cup Team Iceland

Head out of town

If you want the country to yourself, then just head out during a game. Everyone will be behind their television sets, in pubs, or in Hljómskálagarður park. Drive out into the countryside and enjoy the silence.


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